without losing your femininity, dignity, or sanity.

You were chosen for your ambition, independence, and faith. Toxic people love to exploit those traits. They know you won't leave them easily.


Secure Soul Ties

Women feel more deeply. We also heal more deeply

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Six Weeks of Deep Healing Work Where We Will:

  • Look at how dark personalities work so that you can discern red flags
  • Gain true closure so that you can not just forgive, but finally release
  • Understand your attractions so that you make shifts to attract better quality relationships - romantic and platonic
  • Bonus: Breakthrough Boundaries Course so you can uplevel you communication skills and set boundaries the second you sign up

Our greatest growth slways comes through other people. Healthy relationships motivates us, help sustain our mental health, and allow us to fully share and participate in all the adventures the world has to offfer us.

Sadly, our greatest disappointments also come through relationships. The parent who never really paid attention. The religious community that made you feel isolated or not enough. Being bullied. Being in an abusive relationship. Having others use you, and take your kindness for weakness.

And this is why we often hear people talk about "soul ties" in a negative way. They want freedom from the ties that bind. To end the constant thoughts about someone who hurt them long ago. To get rid of the fear of opening up again.

Unhealthy soul ties will cause a person to stay in destructive or toxic relationships out of fear. You know what's good for you, but you're afraid of being single again. Or you're afarid of disappointing a family member. Or you're afraid you'll be lonely if you leave frienships that no longer serve you.

But there's a better way. Secure and healthy soul ties allow you to spiritually connect with someone for a higher purpose. These are the relationships that bring healing, protection, and safety.

in this program, we will spend six weeks together dismantling unhealthy soul ties, and creating healthy connections that allow you to thrive.


Module 1: Understanding Those Ties - What types of toxic relationships have I experienced? What are soul ties, trauma bonding, narcissism, and gaslghting? This module will give you an understanding of the tyoes of toxic ties that exist, and the vocabulary to express your past traumas. You'll come out of this experience with the emotional intelligence to better express your experiences, and begin to heal them.

Module 2: Origin Story : Why do I love the way that I do? What are my relationship needs? In irderto fix the future, you have to start with the past. In this Module, we look at how the ways in which we're raised affect how we bond and form connection now. We will develop a better relationships mindset by looking at the ways in which our family, childhoods friends, community, and media affect our perception of relationships.

Module 3: Patterns Now that we've identified the patterns, let's heal them! Through journaling, meditation, and other excercises, we'll break the toxic relationship patterns, and establishing healthy boundaries and standards for your future relationships.

Module 4: Acceptance One of the hardest parts about growth is realizing that not everone can come with you. This Module will help you gain closure, and cut the toxic ties once and for all.

Module 5: Routines and Red Flags Let's make that healing last! You'll learn the red flags to avoid falling into another toxic relationships, and set up healthy routines to maintain the right relationship mindset.


1:1 Call

Breakthrough Boundaries course

Narcissism in the Bible masterclass


You've sought other help for trauma before.

You've been in A LOT of bad relationships.

Your bad experiences are not in dating, but in trying to heal wounds from family, friends, or the people you grew up with.

You struggle with being vulnerable.

You don't always feel like you "deserve" a great relationship.

Your Instructor

Keshia Rice
Keshia Rice

Keshia Rice is a dating coach and two-time Emmy-nominated journalist. As a coach, Keshia helps successful, Christian women learn how to attract quality men without compromising their values, identity, or sanity.

As the daughter, sister, and niece of preachers, Keshia understands what it’s like as a Christian woman to balance a conservative upbringing with modern hookup culture. And like many women in the corporate world, Keshia knows the challenges of being ambitious while maintaining your femininity.

She has written for Thrive Global, and mentors young women on success and developing healthy relationships.

Keshia lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband. She loves to travel. She’s been to several states, and ten countries in Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

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  Module 3: How to Heal
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  Attachment Styles Workshop
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Breakthrough Boundaries
How to Set and Maintain Boundaries to Create Healthy Relationships
Keshia Rice

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